Increase your revenue

Upsell products, customize your store's checkout experience with payment customizations.

Shopify pre-purchase upsells configuration

Use checkout upsells to increase your AOV

Use native checkout widgets to boost conversion rate and revenue.

Without compromising your Shopify store speed. Without components interfering with each other. And without the stress of managing (and paying for) multiple apps and extensions.

Native Checkout Widgets
Manual upsell product selection
Manual upsell product selection

B2B Features

Collect VAT ID

Display payment methods only for B2B customers

Publish upsells only on specific markets

Checkout components are translated into major EU languages where VAT ID is applicable.

Shopify Checkout UI Extensions

Let your customers choose the delivery date for specific shipping methods.

Lead Days
Blackout Days
Support for multiple languages
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Delivery Date Selector
Checkbox Upsells

Shopify Checkout UI Extensions

Use AI for product recommendations

Let machine do the hard work. Use AI to recommend related and complementary products to your customers.

Related Products
Complementary Products

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